We can argue as long as we like about the priority of free will versus the rights of other people, or
acknowledgement of fatal necessity. Humankind for a long time has amused itself with these games, but
nevertheless the statement is true, each of our actions implies choice. No matter if the reality we live in is
the best or the worst of all possible, not a single one of them can give any guarantee but offers
possibilities. Maybe, our life consists of multiple possibilities and each time choosing one of them we take
actions from the most trifling at the first sight up to the fateful. Although, who can draw a border
separating important things from trivia?
The butterfly effect Ray Bradbury wrote of reminds of a cruel and absolute connection of all our deeds
in the endless time dimension. Therefore, the question “how not to make a mistake?”, as a consequence
of another choice, we are not given a chance to replay at least a couple on one hand, is legitimate and on
another — not logical. Who knows the reality of possibilities of the same situation? Here one comes to the
eternal Hamlet like question, what to do? The answer is not less ageless and may be for this reason true,
to live. Thousands of times Nietzsche is right reminding us of the fact that “death is impossibility of the
further choice”.
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