An interesting fact is that the literal translation of the word tradition is passing. Passing behavioral norms, moral settings, attitude towards what we can’t imagine our today’s and yesterday’s life without: models of attitude towards love, friendship, family, state, each other, religion — in a word, to all what we call as living. It’s a code of being and everyday life — our archetype which doesn’t impersonate but on the contrary makes us different from those who carry another archetype belonging to another Homeland same unique and valuable but different from ours. This locality is as logical as the unity inside of one’s own homeland. In this sense traditions play the same role as animal instincts. Same way transferred and same way important, differ only by context. On almost biological level traditions play the role of umbilical cord nourishing and keeping us balanced. As soon as it is cut the new born cries: the shout of pain or glory — doesn’t matter but it is logical and painful at the same time because there is no way forward without renovation.

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