Today’s children may have cellphones and computer games but in my day we children had our yards and games of imagination. Beating injustice in the neighboring districts was what we wanted although whether we were objectively good I now can’t remember. The yard had a ship’s bridge and when on it in my mind was the feeling that as Captain I had people’s trust. This trust was something I didn’t want to lose in adult life.

Inspired by Bulichev and Strugatskiye we ran across the meadows by the dacha that in our minds were the lands of a new planet infested with poisonous snakes. We swam in fire river’s flames that to adults were no more than wide city ponds. Imagination was all and it is easy to be a God when you climb up high in the sky with your favorite writer. And there were plans to rule the country and the world and of course we believed we would be the most honest and fair leaders. A Pioneer could not think any other way.

Today whenever I push the button for «politics» I remember why we interrupted our transformative activity with mega positive dynamics and let go of Napoleonic plans of other districts’ annexation.

In one moment we suddenly became different, betraying our old principles. Perhaps we grew up. Although we never become politicians we remained dreamers, charmed romantics, saving our «golden» city.  

Power is when you can draw reality from your dream. People, colors, images become alive, your world is born where you are governor, and judge, and fighter — your project becomes a tangible whole. It takes a separate existence and you feel the support of others. And there is nothing better.

Lara Lychagina


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