A willingness to say no at the right time is an essential skill for anyone wanting business success. Six years ago, in Moscow, a wellknown businessman, evidently enjoying himself, explained the basis of his success which was study followed by study leading to work and yet more work. He never knew, perhaps didn’t care, the exploration of youth and its pleasures but made his choice and rose to business prominence and appointment as a Governor. I watched his ascension and wondered if the personal cost might be too high but he made his choice, a choice only he as an individual could make.

To choose priorities is also a defining step towards success in business. For me business success is first of all the embodied idea within the people involved. There is attraction in business atmosphere. I like gambling, feeling the energy entering ‘tabula rasa’, then idea begins to vest into the company material, energy and activity of other close spiritually and conceptually people union. The magnetism of the common interests starts to attract the missing puzzle pieces turning the horizontal into the vertical.


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