Кредо Джуд Лоу I want to hope that I will leave behind films that people will watch again and again after my death.

I don’t have any talent other than acting, not even in music. My son, Rafferty, plays several instruments; I approach them and don’t know where to put my hands.

Cynics disseminate their endless negativity, taken to the extremes. Cynics are not able to create; they only sponge on feelings and creative work of other people. That affects the work efficiency and the people’s attitude towards each other.

We must learn not to regret our own mistakes. I am saying this as a man who is deeply convinced that it is necessary to learn from mistakes, and moreover, from your own, and not from those of others. Learn never to repeat them and never droop – just go on further, without slouching.

It wasn’t easy to play Pope Pius III. I was faced with many obstacles. First of all, it is a fictional character. There are no history books or any other sources of information about him. Secondly, it is the Pope, and as we know, there are no schools for that. Therefore, there was no place or person to learn from on how the Pope should behave. Instinctively, I began to realise that I should read the Bible. And I did, but it was of no help, and there was no sense in reading it. I had to improvise somehow…

I usually say my hobby is being a taxi driver. When you have three kids, you’re constantly driving someone somewhere.

Fear can be very useful, especially if you get a nice kick in the ass once in a while. Because they wouldn’t do it without reason, it’s definitely well earned. The kick in the ass and the fear contribute to positive changes in me. Otherwise there will be a dead end.

There is a saying about the three most terrible things that can happen to a person: death, moving, and divorce. I tried them all. But, I have to say, divorce is the worst of them, because you really meet the darkest side of yourself…

I think everyone goes through chapters in their life, and there was a time when I wasn’t feeling terribly positive about what I was contributing to film, or wasn’t feeling as if I was going in the direction I wanted and I re-evaluated what I was doing. I’ve never been a fan of just doing. I like to do things for a reason.

I don’t really look back, if I’m honest. I’ve always been someone who’s really tried to live in the here and now. My memory isn’t very good, so maybe that’s why, but it just seems like I’ve been living this life, my current chapter, for a really long time and I don’t really remember what it was like before. It’s just been sort of ingrained in me. What I deal with day to day.