The topic of this issue has been changed five times. For months, we had to put off publishing our magazine, not knowing whether there’d be a chance for it. Nevertheless, we have done it. Two and a half millennia ago, wishing somebody should live in the time of change 
was a curse. While, two centuries before ours, Tyutchev writes: Blessed is he who visits this life At its fateful moments of strife. (Translation: F. Jude) And his response to Confucius is actually an antinomy rather than an antithesis, each of these contradictions logically grounded and giving their own answers to those ‘Eternal Questions.’ The questions of life and death as well as the never-changing ones: Who’s to blame? What’s to be done? Where do we go from here? What shall we build? And the hard choices between duty and feeling, fear and overcoming, intentions and means. These questions & choices could be shuffled to one’s heart’s content, but the answers still entail ‘Big Bangs’ both in the inner and the outer Universes. We start thinking hard, trying to figure out a solution when facing hardships or feeling really frightened and troubled. Right now, with our health cut down by the…

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