It’s no problem imagining a time without the Internet, aircraft, or cars. While, a time when man couldn’t or wouldn’t have & be friends is unimaginable. It’s an irresistible human need not only on the spiritual & emotional levels but on the physiological one as well. It’s a basic instinct akin to eating, drinking, multiplying, and just living. As soon as a human identifies himself as a unique personality with his own inner self among other people & things in the surrounding world, he starts looking for himself in other humans to get a confirmation of his self or achieve a kind of second self-identification. I am sure “One + One” is the formula of transforming our mere existence into a conscious life.

“Hi. My name’s Larisa Lychagina. I’m your new classmate.” That, due to my family life mode, I had to say more than once when in high school. Every time I felt as if diving into unfamiliar waters, not knowing what was there. Meanwhile, every time I really felt like crying out loud, “And I hope your new friend too!” Most likely those I addressed felt the same as, wherever we were fated to find ourselves, I made new friends. New town, new life, new friends. Why fear? I knew I had a talisman and was strong enough to overcome it. Soon the unknown waters became safe shores to which I return even years later, and my friends are still there for me. So am I for them.

Childhood & youthhood friends are golden landmarks on one’s life’s path! Bruised knees heal without help while soul wounds are treated only by friends otherwise leaving scars. Unforgettable & immeasurably precious are the realms where you had a shoulder to cry on, an ear to entrust your innermost feelings with, a heart to share your joys & sorrows with, and your own open heart & helping hand to ease your friend’s pain!

Lara Lychagina,


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