Columnists Adelino Da Costa Founder of many Fitness centers
Columnists Ahmed Abdulrahman Mahmoud Ismail Al Saathi Ambassador Extraordinaire and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the Russian Federation
Columnists Alain Nemarq Mauboussin’s president and designer
Columnists Aleksander Siradekian Russian designer of women's shoes and the founder of brand Aleksandersiradekian
Columnists Alexander & Nicole Gratovsky Anthropologists, the creators of the Dolphin Embassy, and writers of both books and films
Columnists Alexander Boroda The Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia President, the chief rabbi of Russia, General Director and founder of Jewish Museum and Center of Tolerance, Russian religious and social activist.
Columnists Alexander Karabanov Russian lawyer, founder and director of Moscow Collegium of Advocates "Karabanov and partnerts", Candidate of Legal Sciences.
Columnists Alexander Karelin Master of Sport of the USSR, State Duma deputy
Columnists Alexander Vasiliev An historian of fashion, art critic, artist
Columnists Alexey Lokontsev The founder of TOPGUN
Columnists Alexey Malinovsky
Columnists Alfredo Bataller Pineda Director SHA Wellness Clinic
Columnists Ali Güreli Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sofa Hotel, the founder and head of Contemporary Istanbul (CI)
Columnists Aliona Doletskaya Journalist
Columnists Alyona Demina The owner of Edem Couture boutique
Columnists Ana Strampf Brazilian artist
Columnists Ara Aramyan Armenian politician
Columnists Armen Darbinyan Rector of the Russian-Armenian University, former Prime Minister of Armenia, member of the Academy of Sciences of Armenia.
Columnists Armen Sarkissian President of Armenia
Columnists Arseny Yakovlev Singer at the Bolshoi Theatre
Columnists Asmik Chakhmakhchan and Araksiya Mushegyan Producer and designer Asmik Chakhmakhchan and composer Araksiya Mushegyan
Columnists Augusto Orsini Owner of Argentario Golf Resort and SPA
Columnists Ayaz Shabutdinov
Columnists Bernar Venet Sculptor, musician and poet
Columnists Bertrand Piccard Swiss psychiatrist and balloonist
Columnists Boris Belotserkovsky President of the National Association of Automated Trading, chairman of the UVENCO board of directors
Columnists Boris Mintz Public figure, philanthropist, founder of the Russian Impressionism Museum
Columnists Dalai Lama His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet
Columnists Dalia Lane Journalist, translator, poet, peacemaker, and children’s author
Columnists David Stepanyan President of Stin-Kom Group, co-owner of the company Stena Ltd.
Columnists Denis Cherkasov Enterpreneur
Columnists Denis Reshetov The most celebrated wedding presenter of Russia, expert, trainer and author of popular editions
Columnists Dickson Yewn Jewelry artist
Columnists Dina Nasyrova Brand director of Ilgiz F. and wife and muse of the famous Tatar jeweler Ilgiz Fazulyanov
Columnists Dmitriy Portnyagin Author, business-blogger №1 in Russia, representative of 'Association of young businessmen of Russia in China', owner and director of the company Transitplus
Columnists Dmitriy Solopov The owner and founder the PROGRESS PR agency
Columnists Dmitriy Yampolskiy Businessman, chairman of the "Druzya" and "Vera" foundations
Columnists Dmitry Bertman People's Artist of Russia
Columnists Duarte Bon de Sousa General Manager in L’Apogée Couchevel Château Saint-Martin & Spa Oetker Collection
Columnists Elena Filipchenkova A lifestyle services expert and the head of Aspire Lifestyles in CIS and the Baltic countries
Columnists Eli Gervits President of Pareto Capital 80 / 20 ltd.
Columnists Elizaveta Nekrasova
Columnists Erik Johansson Photographer and visual artist from Sweden
Columnists Evgeny Margulis Russian rock and blues musician
Columnists Filip Perkon General producer and founder of the Russian Film Week in Britain.
Columnists Francesco Forte Consul General of Italy in Moscow
Columnists Frank Marrenbah CEO of Oetker Collection's world-wide group of highly personal hotels explains
Columnists Frederic Beigbeder French writer
Columnists Georgy Bryusov “Roskongress” Foundation Deputy Director, Head of the Commission “Sport Dlya Vseh” (Sport for Everyone) of the United World Wrestling (UWW)
Columnists Gor Nakhapetyan A member of the Coordinating Council of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
Columnists Grigory Avetov Creator of the most ambitious business forum in Russia.
Columnists Gunnar Michanek The founder of Mind Unlimited, experienced teacher of leadership
Columnists Guy Martin Chef
Columnists Her Highness the Princess Hani Sofeeya Iskandar Member of the royal family of Malaysia’s Kelantan Sultanate
Columnists His Royal Majesty, Drolor Bosso Adamtey I of Shai Dr. Kingsley Fletcher King of Shai
Columnists Igor Abakumov Businessman
Columnists Ilgiz Fazulzyanov A jeweler of the international level and founder of the brand IlgizF, considers
Columnists Ilias Kokotos Co-owner of Elounda SA Hotels & Resorts
Columnists Ilya Blagoveschensky Restaurateur
Columnists Ilya Cluev founder of CLUEV jewellery house
Columnists Inna Churikova Soviet and Russian film and theatre actress
Columnists Irina Khakamada Political leader, publicist and writer
Columnists Jamie Wood Son of Ronnie Wood ("The Rolling Stones")
Columnists Jean-Paul Maunick Vocalist and guitarist
Columnists John Tschohl
Columnists Julia Evdokimova The founder, owner and president of the haute couture in wine company 'Palais Royal', winner of Fashion People Awards 2018 'Royal wine taste' and EY Entrepreneur of the year, Lady of Russia, Lady Maecenas
Columnists Julia Rempel The owner of boutique Le Grand Bazar
Columnists Julia Rubleva Expert lawyer, and public activist
Columnists Julia Titel Head physician and founder of the Clinic 'Fifth Element'
Columnists Julianna Viner Director of a beauty shop chain Sun&City, charity fund '“Life as a miracle”
Columnists Kate Robertson Founder of "One young world"
Columnists Katerina Mileeva CEO of Alfa Private Bank explains
Columnists Khofiz Shakhidi
Columnists Kirill Rubinsky French top-manager
Columnists Kirill Serebrennikov Russian theatre and cinema director, artistic director of the Moscow theatre "Gogol-Centre"
Columnists Kjell Nordström The book’s author, Swedish economist
Columnists Konstantin Ivlev
Columnists Kseniya Markova Specialist in European etiquette, the founder of project Etiquette748.
Columnists Kseniya Naumova Psychoanalyst and coach
Columnists Lara Lychagina Publisher, Editor-in-Chief "The World"
Columnists Lena Kozar Specialist in crypto currency and blockchain technologies, founder of Blockchain Angels Foundation
Columnists Leonid Melamed Businessman
Columnists Liana Davidyan Director AVRORACLINIC
Columnists Louis Starck Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo’s Manager General
Columnists Marco Novella The Lanesborough’s General Manager
Columnists Mariam Merabova Jazz singer and entertainer, considers
Columnists Marina Melekhova Director of Finex Company Groups
Columnists Marina Vlady French actress
Columnists Merem Biboletova assistant professor of Foreign Language Department of Institute of General Secondary Education of the Russian Academy of Education, one of the developers of standard foreign languages education, author of the training kit 'Enjoy English'
Columnists Mikhail Shorin Civil engineer, psychologist, co-owner of the Simple Pleasers restaurant group
Columnists Miranda Mirianashvili Russian singer
Columnists Morihiro Iwata Artistic director of Buryat State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, Russia
Columnists Nadiya Cherkasova Member of Executive Board of Bank 'Otkrytiye', investor of a crowdfunding platform 'Boomstarter', project "Storiqa, representative of Russian Federation in 'We-Fi' Foundation of the World Bank
Columnists Nassim Nicholas Taleb Doctor of Economy, magister of trade administration, essayist, scholar, philosopher and statistician
Columnists Nick Vujicic Coach
Columnists Nikhil Kapur Owner of the Atmantan Wellness Resort
Columnists Oleg Firer Ambassador of Grenada to Russia
Columnists Oleg Sysuev CEO of Alfa-Bank
Columnists Olga Filipenkova Head of Sales and Marketing of 'Rosa Hutor' Resort
Columnists Olga Nechaeva Vice-president of Sony pictures entertainment
Columnists Parag Khanna Scientist, analyst, consultant for the United States National Intelligence Council, foreign policy expert under President Barack Obama, global development theorist
Columnists Peter Hofer Architect of the gun
Columnists Preethaji The founder of One World Academy which is now evolved into O&O Academy, spiritual teacher of the famous life-coach Tony Robbins
Columnists Riad Mammadov
Columnists Roman Avdeyev Russian businessman and banker
Columnists Ruben Vardanyan Businessman
Columnists Sergey Karjakin Russian chess player
Columnists Sergey Mazayev советский и российский музыкант, певец, автор песен, актёр, солист группы «Моральный кодекс». Заслуженный артист России. Руководитель продюсерской, звукозаписывающей и издательской компании ООО «Мазай коммуникейшенс».
Columnists Sergey Yastrzhembsky Russian statesman, diplomat and founder of Yastrebfilm Documentary Film Studio
Columnists Shaikha Dheya Al-Khalifa Member of Bahrain royal family
Columnists Shunya Balashova The leader of 'Shu' band
Columnists Sir Rocco Forte The creator of the Rocco Forte Hotel
Columnists Stanislav Belkovskiy Russian publicist
Columnists Stanislav Kucher Journalist and writer
Columnists Svetlana Dedushkina CEO of the 'Belaya Sfera' Company and CEO of the business centre 'Gruzinka 30'
Columnists Tatiana Akulich
Columnists Tatiana Chernigovskaya Doctor of Science in Linguistics and Physiology
Columnists Tatiana Polyakova Designer, expert in fashion and etiquette
Columnists Tigran Keosayan Russian-Armenian film director, actor and writer
Columnists Tony Robbins American author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, successful businessman and life coach
Columnists Tony Tonite Rap singer
Columnists Vadim Dymov Businessman
Columnists Vadim Veterkov Publicist and reviewer
Columnists Valentina Rouliere Rollin Author of the book "Éveifor llez votre chaman intérieur" ("Wake up your inner shaman") and Teta-shaman from Buryat shaman clan
Columnists Valeriano Antonioli A famous hotelier, the creator of unique experiments in the hotel business
Columnists Varvara Vizbor Popular Russian singer
Columnists Veronika Zonabend Impact investor and social entrepreneur
Columnists Victor Bondarenko Entrepreneur, publisher, art collector, and philanthropist
Columnists Victoria Popylkova CEO of Vitrina A
Columnists Virginia Tan Founder of the “LeanIn China” movement and “She Loves Tech” International Startup Competition
Columnists Vitalik Buterin Ethereum co-founder
Columnists Vladimir Pozner Journalist
Columnists Yan Yanovsky Cofounder of the Friends charitable foundation, member of the expert council of the World Economic Forum
Columnists Yana Laputina Journalist, TV host and co-owner of clinic "Vremya Krasoty".
Columnists Yuko Hasegawa Art Director at Tokyo’s Museum of Modern Art and Curator of the 7th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art
Columnists Yulia Rempel
Columnists Yulia Rubleva
Columnists Yuval Noah Harari Israeli military historian-medievalist, professor of the Historical Department of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, author of three international bestsellers "Sapiens. The brief history of humankind", "Homo deus. The brief history of tomorrow", "21 lessons for the 21st century" does.
Columnists Zhanna Karlova Psychologist, publicist
Columnists Владимир Сипягин Губернатор Владимирской области