Privacy Policy

The World Magazine LLC (website is committed to protect your privacy and personal information. In accordance with Russian legislation, we invite you to acquaint yourself with our privacy and personal information policy (this we call ‘The Policy’).

The Policy determines how and why we gather, store, protect, process and distribute information on users of (‘The Site’).

The legal bit follows:

Receipt and Use of Private Information

Users provide The World Magazine LLC—as a processor of personal data—with personal data that includes a user’s first name, surname, and their contact information. Users fully, unconditionally, and willingly agree to the processing (this includes the gathering, classification, accumulation, itemization [update and alteration], use, distribution [which includes reproduction], anonymization, freezing, and destruction of personal data, and indefinite storage) of the above mentioned data in electronic form and/or in hard-copy form for the purposes of issuing invitations to formal events, newsletters, information on new productions from The World Magazine LLC, and other kinds of information, including those of a commercial nature, by post or email.

The date an agreement for the processing of personal data of a user is signed—which is manifest by completing an electronic form/profile on the website —is the date the current Policy is approved.

Indicated in the paragraphs above, an agreement is in effect indefinitely and may only be rescinded with the user’s written notification, which must be sent to the address of The World Magazine LLC by registered mail. The agreement by a user to the processing of personal data is considered cancelled within 30 days from the date of receipt of a notification from a user.

Disclosure of Data to Third Parties

The World Magazine LLC is entitled to share a user’s personal information with a third party if:

the user declares a wish to disclose his or her personal data;

without disclosure the user cannot use certain products and services;

this is the nature of Russian, international legislation and/or authorities acting in accordance with legal procedures;

a user violate a user-agreement with The Site.

Access to Personal Information

In accordance with the federal law RF No. 152–F3 «On Personal Data,» all gathered, stored and processed data of users is considered data of limited access, unless otherwise specified by legislation of the Russian Federation.

The World Magazine LLC takes upon itself the obligation of guarding the confidentiality of a user’s personal data. The World Magazine LLC is obliged to take all reasonable measures to protect personal data of users from destruction, tampering, and divulgence.

User have the right to individually make changes/additions through their profile on The Site.

Contact Information

Postal Address: The World Magazine LLC, P9, 2 Malia Konyushkovskiy, Moscow, Russia, 123242.

Telephone: +7 (499) 735 5 735