Big Art Festival in the Atlantis The Royal (Dubai)

Big Art Festival is once again ready to confirm its status as the most high-profile international festival.

On May 6, 2023 Berin Iglesias Art is preparing a new grand gala evening, an exclusive event of the highest level in the world’s top hotel — Atlantis The Royal. This evening, two superstars — Dima Bilan and Basta — will perform on the stage of the festival at once.

Dima Bilan is a famous singer, musician, film actor. His popularity grew rapidly from the first appearance of the young artist in TV and radio rotations, his hits won first places in the charts, and, of course, the grand breakthrough in his career was the victory at Eurovision 2008.
Dima Bilan’s songs have not lost popularity for many years, his concerts are always sold out and whole stadiums applaud his favorite artist. On May 6, Dima Bilan will perform all the most popular hits especially for the guests of the festival.

Basta is one of the most popular rap artists on the Russian stage. His name is not just a stage name, this name is a brand that everyone knows – because Basta’s multifaceted creativity undoubtedly leaves no one indifferent. Basta is truly a folk artist, whose songs are scattered into quotes, and concerts gather thousands of fans. This evening, festival guests will hear such hits as «My Game», «Sansara», «I rise above the earth», «Slow» and other favorite and popular songs in a live performance.

Alexander Belov will be responsible for the festive mood of the evening. The loudest parties were held under the leadership of Alexander and each time gave the guests an unforgettable atmosphere and impressions. A frequent guest of world events — this popular showman has been one of the most sought-after artists on the stages of world festivals for several years.

The evening will take place at the luxurious Hotel — Atlantis The Royal, whose recent opening with the participation of the Queen of pop-music Beyonce made a sensation. The hotel is located in the heart of Palm Jumeirah.

The ultra–modern futuristic resort in Dubai attracted the attention of all world celebrities — its grand opening lasted three days and was called The Grand Reveal Weekend. The weekend turned out to be really incredibly rich in star exits: Beyonce, Kendall Jenner, Liam Payne, Rebel Wilson, Leonie Hanne, Halle Berry, as well as hundreds of famous influencers from around the world took part in the opening ceremony.

The hotel has already become the top attraction in Dubai, the personification of luxury and life «in the style of Arab sheikhs».

It is here in the most famous location of Dubai, BIG ART FESTIVAL will hold the first super party with the participation of the most popular stars!

Drive and crazy emotions in the top location of Dubai.

Don’t miss Crazy Big Art Night!

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