No fuss

Human life is not about the clothes you buy or the cars you drive. It has different meaningful and deeper sides, you just have to understand, feel and see.

City Alexander Karabanov


Our world is not perfect, there’s much evil in it. Every man has a right to choose if he wants to stop it or to step back and let it go. Matrix of material in life is endless, if you follow the way of this side of life sooner or later you’ll get stuck in it, lose reference points and sense, becoming an adept of consumerism or accomplice of dark powers. Our columnist, well known lawyer, the chairman of Collegium of Advocates “Karabanov and partners”, public activist Aleksandr Karabanov is on the real value of human life.

The fundamental theology gives people a possibility of choice. This is something we consider to be our right, a priory. The one who desires passions will have passions, the one who wants holiness will have it. This is a question of decision and efforts man applies on his way. To be a victim of passions is not a big deal, it is easier to roll down the mountain than climb it overcoming the obstacles.
Looking back at my life I realize that I always asked myself about choices, life and its sense. It is quite interesting but in different life periods I gave almost the same answers. Of course, while I was growing up they were based on my new formed experience but the choice itself was clear to me in my childhood and I keep to it now. Human life is not about the clothes you buy or the cars you drive. It has different meaningful and deeper sides, you just have to understand, feel and see. I assume that everyone has a different receptor depending of what he fills his life with. Perception ability can develop with time opening absolutely new impressions and tastes, or degrade.
I have my own method letting me know if I choose right. I wake up in the morning and remember that I have everything I need and I don’t have to run anywhere. Then I listen to myself in order to understand what my heart wants, which people I want to be with, what business I want to do. Choice is possible when a man is not limited and he left the momentary fuss. People mostly fill their days with small actions. It’s operating, it doesn’t develop anyone. He runs like a squirrel in the wheel, shooting off weeks after weeks but there’s no quantum leap neither new horizons. That’s the reason crisis states happen: time goes by, nothing changes and the sense of life is not clear. We shouldn’t get fixed on the momentary steps, loosing reference points, forgetting the main line. Life is a total improvising based on intuition and feeling of the moment. Even same scenario can be played differently.
Life is an emotional smorgasbord where you can take anything you want. And it depends on you what you are ready to take and what you should refuse from. The main thing is to understand what you do and for what reason. Man is like a photographer focusing the camera lens on the objects he chose and he likes. The same happenings might be seen through different prism: negative, destroying oneself or positive, opening bright sides of happening.
First of all man should choose to be happy. Inner state is a choice. One chooses himself if he is ready to succumb to brain manipulations interpreting happenings, which can affect him in a good or bad way. By choosing inner state one chooses the message he brings to other people as well. This inner core forms his whole life with events happening in it. You can give only what you have. The lie is impossible, it will inevitably bring to disappointment if there’s only gloom and emptiness behind. Open, honest exchange is the chance for people to build right happy relationships, any, in business, friendship, family.
A year ago we left Moscow for a weekend and learnt from news that our flat is on fire. We were going for a couple of days, just with a bag. We had a rented dacha by that moment, so we had to come back to it. Our inner work on our attitude towards what had happened was not easy. On one hand, we lost much, you like your things, they become habitual. If you are fixed on material side it is easy to lose heart — our clothes, our shoes — all was lost in fire, a well set life disappeared. But suddenly, after moving to dacha and finding myself outdoors, I realized that a totally different quality life had started. I liked what I saw from the window. Morning coffee I drank sitting on the steps outside of the house had an absolutely different taste. I got acquainted with a lot of new friends there. We are friends since that time and we spend time together on vacations. My child was spending time like I used to in my own childhood, came from school, threw the rucksack and left for the whole day. She became much happier. It was a perfect alternative to the Moscow life when children come from school and sit down immediately to make their homework and sometimes they go to walk in a park. Previous city life had many limitations. One day sitting with my wife in dacha at the ordinary wooden table we started to reason.

We came to a conclusion that our emotions, their level and quality do not depend on the fact that we sit at the ordinary table instead of the Italian one we lost in fire. Material part of life is overestimated. It is necessary up to some level allowing you earn for your living, but spending precious time for changing your car model every year or going to Europe for the new season collections of clothes is simply stupid. Life is definitely not about this.

The fire changed my attitude towards life, its style and rhythm. Some things at work are done by a good organization of working process, other have no sense like meeting about nothing, sitting in cafes, empty talks. We had to come back to Moscow because of school but since that time our family is waiting passionately for the weekend to go there, to the place all life was rethought. A man should live with something real. Nature is made by God, meanwhile all that belongs to the city is made by people, not always for their own benefit. Nature is healthier for us.
Lifestyle is the same no matter if you have one million or one hundred millions. Then why should we multiply wealths? The reason is possessing more which distracts us from the fundamental fear, the death fear. Material traces, anchors man is trying to leave in order to gain the illusion of eternal life. ‘The more I have, the longer I live and better control everything’. The wish of control comes from the absence of faith. If a person believes in God, this necessity is not actual because everything is controlled by God. Everyone knows that we are mortal but think that it won’t happen to them personally. It is a paradox of displacement born by the instinct of self-preservation. Fuss prevailing in the world today is a wish to not notice serious problems the humankind is facing now. It is easier to think about the last fashion tendencies and car models instead of thinking about the ecological catastrophe we reached, artificially created crises, crimes and wars. The majority of people thinks this way. But not everyone.
Several years ago we worked with my colleague Tatiana Akimtseva on one criminal case representing the victims of ‘Orehovskaya’ criminal band. We talked a lot. Tatiana was a unique person: she finished the way up the Maslow’s pyramid and could do her beloved job choosing interesting cases. She was a person pulling an idea, a code through her work. We were threatened which is a routine part of our job. But that time threats turned out to be a horrible reality. Tatiana was shot dead. She knew about the potential danger but kept doing her work, because the idea she pulled to life through her activity was more important for her than money and rest. A person performed a feat giving away the personal safety, acting for the idea. Life of the people of that kind is about eternity and not momentary things. Their feat is a seed that grows in eternity and in people’s memory. This seed is the one human soul is born of. Only mature souls knowing that material things are not the only things we are given are able to perform a feat. But when Atlas goes the feeling of ‘heavier sky becoming closer with every day’ is inevitable.