One + One

I am sure “One + One” is the formula of transforming our mere existence into a conscious life

Editors letter

It’s no problem imagining a time without the Internet, aircraft, or cars. While, a time when man couldn’t or wouldn’t have & be friends is unimaginable. It’s an irresistible human need not only on the spiritual & emotional levels but on the physiological one as well. It’s a basic instinct akin to eating, drinking, multiplying, and just living. As soon as a human identifies himself as a unique personality with his own inner self among other people & things in the surrounding world, he starts looking for himself in other humans to get a confirmation of his self or achieve a kind of second self-identification. I am sure “One + One” is the formula of transforming our mere existence into a conscious life.

“Hi. My name’s Larisa Lychagina. I’m your new classmate.” That, due to my family life mode, I had to say more than once when in high school. Every time I felt as if diving into unfamiliar waters, not knowing what was there. Meanwhile, every time I really felt like crying out loud, “And I hope your new friend too!” Most likely those I addressed felt the same as, wherever we were fated to find ourselves, I made new friends. New town, new life, new friends. Why fear? I knew I had a talisman and was strong enough to overcome it. Soon the unknown waters became safe shores to which I return even years later, and my friends are still there for me. So am I for them. 

Childhood & youthhood friends are golden landmarks on one’s life’s path! Bruised knees heal without help while soul wounds are treated only by friends otherwise leaving scars. Unforgettable & immeasurably precious are the realms where you had a shoulder to cry on, an ear to entrust your innermost feelings with, a heart to share your joys & sorrows with, and your own open heart & helping hand to ease your friend’s pain!

 I think it was then that I realized: reading books, looking at pictures, listening to music, going up & falling down at life’s bumps & pits together, we actually assemble ourselves, like a never-ending jigsaw puzzle, always lacking something most important, hidden deep inside, as friendship never ends. 

Alas, friendship can break up! One day you suddenly discover your six uncovered, all the while having been sure of the opposite. Such things do happen! Of which everyone is well aware. Once you had a friend, but it’s over now. Downed in flight or diverted of his own will? Who knows… I guess, it means it was not true friendship but just a sort of buddydom or a hobby club of sorts. Common interests over, buddydom gone too.

Knowing what to talk about with someone is a sign of mutual affinity. Having company & things to talk about is, no doubt, a pleasure we can enjoy endlessly. Nonetheless, if someone & you have something to keep silent about, this is, for certain, a sign of true friendship. Why keeping silence together? What about? Well, there is a thing or two, but first & foremost, it’s the fact that if the whole world goes crazy & all waters to dive into become alien & hostile, your six shall be covered & your soul shall be protected. Just because there’s someone you can tell, “Hi. I’m Larisa. I’m here, by your side. So are you by mine. If there’s no you, there’s no me.” In the meantime, “One + One” means we will be together as long as this world exists!