Atmantan Wellness Resort

India, Pune


Atmantan Wellness Resort is one of the newest and most luxurious spa resorts practicing Ayurvedic cures in India and the first of its kind in Western India. It embodies founding partners’ Nikhil Kapoor and Shamila Agawal Kapoor convictions of what is a healthy lifestyle and incorporates Pranayama practice.
The Resort, in sight of the majestic Sahyadri mountain range in the Western Ghats, is near the city of Pune, and located in a flourishing valley, close to Lake Mulshi with beautiful views of lake and valley and surrounded by a garden of trees and flowers. In these surroundings, it becomes possible to rest and reconstruct mind, soul and health.
One hundred and six spacious luxury suits in one or two floor buildings furnished with style and equipped with all needed-for-the guests’ comfort. Big panoramic windows fill rooms with natural light in the daytime and resting dark for healthy night time sleep.

Atmantan pays close attention to the culture of healthy meals. Spa menu is made of macrobiotic, Ayurvedic, Mediterranean and Asian cuisines’ recipes. Ecologically clean vegetables, verdures, and fruit are grown in resort’s own eco plantations. Chefs use only healthy methods of cooking dishes: stewing, steaming and slow fire grilling, keeping natural taste and nutrients of products. Food is tasty and interesting due to the vast variety of greens, seed, nuts and other spices. Instead of sugar, natural sweeteners like fruit juice, honey or coconut syrup are used.

The name of the resort consists of three Urdu words reflecting the general concept of yoga and Ayurveda: Atma, the essence of the individual, Man, that of mind, and the body, Tan. Atmantan offers a modern spa and Ayurvedic centre with twenty-three spacious therapy rooms equipped with the whole spectrum of classical Ayurvedic procedures, complex oriental acupressure, different deep, aromatherapeutic and lymphatic drainage massages, cleaning scrubs and body wrappings, complex holistic procedures of facial rejuvenation. You can also have a famous Taoist massage, Chi Nei Tsang here and there’s are steam, dry and infrared saunas, equipment for balneotherapy, and hydrocolonotherapy.

Specialists are working under the leadership of the director of the Ayurvedic and Wellness Centre, Dr. Manoj Kutteri, a master of nature therapy who gained his medical and psychological training in the United States of America. Programs are individually chosen for the needs of every guest according to the scientific point of view being proven by experience. They are created taking into consideration peculiarities of any kind and can be changed for any special requirements.
The resort’s gyms are a dream of fitness fans and equipped with the most modern training machines and programs: cardio, TRX loop, spinning, Vibration Platform Machines, Pilates, Yoga and meditation. Fitness classes are held indoors and outdoors in the amphitheatre. There’s also an indoor swimming pool with salted water. Additionally, the resort offers physiotherapy given under specialists’ supervision.