Portrait Firenze

Italy, Florence


The amateurs and professionals in art know the effect of portraits made by great artists, there’s a mystery in each of them: their eyes follow you no matter which point you choose to look from, they talk to you telling their stories. You feel like coming closer to the portrait and look more attentively, deeper, to understand the thought in their eyes. Just one look at the hotel Portrait Firenze can open a world. You will see the magic of the whole collection of elegant hotels of Lungarno Collection in the heart of Florence and Rome.

Due to the photos decorating halls and suites guests can see the main celebrities of the epoch of fifties and sixties faces, theatre and cinema stars: Maria Callas, Franco Zefirelli, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and great masters of Italian fashion hay day: maestro of evening dresses Roberto Capucci, prima of Italian fashion Simonetta Visconti and star tailor Emilio Schubert. Many things remind of the father founder Salvatore Ferragamo, his family and other couturiers from Christian Dior to Elza Schiaparelli.

Architect and designer’s creation of stylish numbers was inspired by lush and seductive images of Italian fashion. Rising above Florence terraces are making you tall same as the heels of Ferragamo ‘s shoes do. The corner of Paradise where every object is a piece of art and dreams are embodied in masterpieces. Important is your comfort, the portrait is yours.
Amazing care and attention to any wish of yours makes you feel at home in an Italian welcoming family. Staff will share unique knowledge about the hotel and surroundings, that will make service very personal, in the century of high technologies Portrait hotels take a challenge of time and declare their will to stay human.

The windows of terraces of six floor residence open an amazing view to the river Arno and the ancient bridge of jewelers Ponte-Vecchio. At the same time Portrait Firenze is situated not far from the street Via Tornabuoni proud of its attractive boutique shop-windows of the most famous Italian fashion houses. Irreproachable details of interiors and aristocracy are the distinctive features of this unusual hotel. Its wall embodied the spirit of Italian Haute couture of 1950, golden epoch that once attracted the whole world’s sights.