To Find your Wings

Money is definitely one of the main lever arms of transforming and it has a remarkable ability to change not only material part of the world but also spiritual

City Alexander Karabanov


Why do some people work hard but their efforts are like water flowing through the sand and bring no money? For others a morning idea is enough to bring them their first million in the evening. Mammon, capricious God of third part of people lets them win the Lottery and then with a grim laughter takes the present away making them waste money and degrade. Our columnist, well known lawyer, public activist Alexander Karabanov speaks on the nature of money.

It is absolutely obvious that we live in a material world and have to interact with material which certainly transforms us. Money is definitely one of the main lever arms of transforming and it has a remarkable ability to change not only material part of the world but also spiritual. We know a lot of examples when money put a man on a high level if he uses it for good deeds — adding something to civilization, culture, art, architecture, creating something. People gave all of their fortune to change society, principles, images of whole nations. But money could also ruin personalities and cities. Countries longing for profit changed their structure, ideology and started bloody wars. Material destroyed and leaded to inner degradation.

I consider money to be one of the bridges, conductors from spiritual to material and vice versa. It is a device, adapter which exists simultaneously in two worlds — spiritual and material and presents its material part in bank notes. Its spiritual part is presented by a huge sometimes dangerous mighty energetic potential so one should know how to handle it. This transformer as I see it has a magic essence changing reality, showing the real nature of things.

This substance favours Demiurges or Economic Creators but there are people who use money and have to go to work every day. In the new format they are modern slaves. The Creators, a special breed, strong personalities who create money. But money doesn’t fall from the sky, it is the result of human activity with kind of a spark inside, this spark magnetizes and works out money. Usually these people are able to switch on creative mechanism and their main quality is a great craftsmanship of involving. They can involve other people and capture them by their ideas. I’d put an equal sign between the strength of involvement and quantity of money one can attract.

Essentially all we do waiting up and going out of our houses, talking to ourselves is participating in a process of attracting, involving into something. There are two variants — either the world will involve you into some other people’s projects or you’ll involve the world into yourself. And scenario depends on the power of a man which in its turn is equal to the quantity of the objects involved. This is the moment of multiplying the energy of the one who acquired energy of people he involved and automatically multiplying material benefits including money taken as an equivalent of material world. We should be very careful with this instrument because the overdose of energy we attract can destroy us. It is bad when the balance of spiritual power and quantity of heavy energy a person is ready to carry on his shoulders is broken. Statistics witnessed that people who won big money in lottery lost it in the end and stayed at the same level or even lower. They were not ready for responsibility, the energy they couldn’t rule disoriented them.

There’s one more danger of trying to earn money in a not ecological way, breaking the law or other people’s lives. In all cases of this kind I witnessed that those who did it lost their families, business or health. Energetic overdose always affects the physical world and breaks the faith in cases like this.

It is obvious even from their appearance. People like this usually look unhappy, they tend to have neurotic diseases. Money can be the anchor pulling down or wings able to carry up, you, people you take with you and big accomplishments in correlation with the way it is attracted.

Money become wings when a person is moving ecologically and correctly to his goals little by little rising his potential. One of the most ecological ways of attracting additional energy and money is serving. In many religions there’s a conception of tithes: one gives to attract back more. Tithes can be compared to the ploughman’s work: he keeps part of his crop to use it next year and take more crop. Giving to people lets a person attract additional energy and not to be destroyed because by giving he makes his soul stronger.

Thus, we see that money is neutral but human soul is polar. We have a lot from animals and a lot from God. All we have to do in this place between the worlds named Earth is to define who we are. We are animals or we are with God. In this context choice is the instrument of our movement and money is the detection of the choice’s accuracy. It doesn’t spoil people but show people’s quality like a litmus test. Money comes from Evil, they are not from God. It is fire and God lets people take this fire but not more than we can handle not to get burnt. But God doesn’t stand near to every one of us to protect. English artist William Holman Hunt drew a painting ‘Jesus Knocking at the Door of Our Hearts’ in 19th Century. Jesus is standing with a lamp at the door. Allegory is clear but there’s no door handle outside and this tells us that that door can be opened only from inside. Man should open to God.

I think that there’s a lot of people on our Earth who played with «money toy» enough and started to think — ‘And what is further?’ And further are the values higher than money. Human relationships giving joy and feeling of secureness and possibility of creative self-realization. But our society is made like this: one of controlling elements is to press a person so that he won’t use his creative potential and cut his interaction with the Universe and God. Otherwise it becomes impossible to rule and catch him by material matters. I’m absolutely sure that it happens like this for certain reasons. Besides the controlling element from the governmental elites’ side unfortunately there’s yet a small percent of people who would feel happy and find what to do in that total leisure. It would be like Sodom and Gomorra.

If I had a real necessary resource I’d make my own State, society with awaken people who understood that material and its role in modern world is overestimated. There would be no money. The true value would be human relationships and creativity. This could free the change of huge amount of divine energy. People would find their connection to God in format of images, skills, creativity. And would be happy in this «City of the Sun».

— Money is definitely one of the main lever arms of transforming and it has a remarkable ability to change not only material part of the world but also spiritual>.