Daria Russkikh with exhibition in Dubai

January 5, 2023, an exhibition of Daria Russkikh works was held in the new space of Person’s Auction House in Dubai.

The AR & ART exhibition was arranged in the Almas Tower.

Daria says her main art direction «abstract painting» with the effect of augmented reality – Phygital Art, which means «combining physical and digital art on one canvas.»

«In my works I often touch upon the issues of finding a balance between the inner and outer world. Each of us can become a creator of happiness on «our planet» — Daria reported.

It is important for the artist to build a dialogue with the viewer through her works, because each of them is an expression of herself. The changeable and free nature of abstract art has formed certain conventions that Daria explores in her works, not excluding the moment of her own feelings from the work done.

The culmination of the event was a solo performance by Alexander Vechkanov (Shura Skripka), a famous artist who masterfully performs modern music on the violin.

The combination of classical art and musical performance on stage helped to create the most complete impression of the exhibition among the audience and to think about the transformation of classical techniques and their integration into the new digital world.

Web-site: https://dariarusskikh.ru/